Miyagi Prefect Signs Death by Beef Bill

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Dangerous Japanese Policy, Food
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In an interview still available (in Japanese) on the Miyagi prefecture website, Miyagi prefect admits how he decided to withhold key information about the radiation dose value of beef, hence condemning a large population of Japanese to premature death in years to come.

Question / answer translation excerp from the interview :

  • Question :


Translation : “Will you display the detected amount [of radiation] of the certificate label ? Or will you only mention that it is safe because the measured rate is lower than standard ?”

  • Answer from Prefect of Miyagi :

「村井知事安全であるということだけでよろしいかと思っております。健康上全く問題のない数値であるわけですので、詳細な数値を出したところで消費者の皆さんは理 解ができないわけでありますから、安全か安全でないかということだけはっきりと証明すれば十分だというふうに思っております。正式には、牛肉の放射性物質 検査結果通知書といったような形で添付をしたいと考えております。(1キログラムあたり)500ベクレル以下であるということであります。その証明書がつ いていれば(1キログラムあたり)500ベクレル以下で、どれだけ食べても全く問題がないということであります。」

Translation : “I believe that it will be enough to mention that it is safe. This is because the amount will be a figure that has no impact on health and anyway, consumers would not understand the exact value should we release it. In my opinion, it is enough to say whether it is safe or not. In a more appropriate way, I prefer to attach a document that certifies that the result of the test of radioactivity in beef is less than 500 Bq/kg. If we attach this certificate, it means that the meat contains a level of radioactivity less than 500 Bq/kg and it poses no problem to eat as much as one would like to.”

In my opinion, this is the public confession of a mass-murderer. It also shows the condescension of a patriarcal ruling class over its people that it considers as children unable to understand and choose what is best for themselves. Besides, his answer is typical of the Japanese belief that any problem must be solved by the appropriate paperwork: attach a certificate and the issue disappear.


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