Official Declaration of Irradiated Sludge Spread

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Dangerous Japanese Policy, Support Tohoku Kills Japan
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The Minister of Environment, M. Hosono, declared on September 4th, that “Japan must share the pain of Fukushima and waste and sludge from Fukushima must be accepted by other regions of Japan”.


If it was not clear already, the role of the Ministry of Environment is now officially to destroy the environment of Japan in its entirety, as announced in a NHK News article (in Japanese).

As the place of irradiated sludge and so-called waste will be kept secret, the acquisition of a Geiger counter outside the no man’s land takes a new importance. There might be a deposit in your neighborhood, city or its drinking water reservoir. Japan has a history of nuclear leaks (Tokaimura and so on) as well as mercury (twice!) and other toxic industrial chemical pollution disasters such as involving cadmium and sulfur oxide. Therefore we need to a map of these deposits and an evaluation of a “safety distance”. Anyone willing to set up such a website or report on existing project (for the whole of Japan) is most welcome to comment hereafter about it.

See links below on Wikipedia for further details on major pollution disaster in Japan and the way the Japanese government and companies handle these :

Minamata Disease – Mercury Poisoning no. 1

Niigata Minamata Disease – Mercury Poisoning no. 2

Itai-itai (“It hurts – it hurts”) Disease – Cadmium Poisoning

Yokkaichi Asthma – Sulfur Oxide Poisoning

Japanese NHK News article :

細野大臣 最終処分場は県外で


こ れは4日行われた就任会見で、細野環境大臣が明らかにしました。原発事故で放射性物質に汚染されたがれきや放射性物質を取り除く除染作業で出た土壌などの 処分をめぐっては、先月、菅前総理大臣が福島県の佐藤知事に対し、一時的に管理する中間貯蔵施設を県内に整備する方向で検討していることやその施設を最終 処分場にすることは考えていないという意向を伝えています。


ま た、最終処分場については中間貯蔵施設とは別だという認識を示した上で、「福島の痛みを日本全体で分かち合うことが国としての配慮ではないかと思ってい る。福島を最終処分場にはしないということは方針としてできる限り貫きたい」と述べ、福島県以外に設けたいという考えを示しました。

09月04日 16時42分

via 細野大臣 最終処分場は県外で – NHK福島県のニュース.


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