Fukushima Diary alternative news blog provides unconfirmed, unofficial and very useful insight into the real nuclear situation in Japan. In their Breaking News section, they reported having been discretly monitored by a TEPCO subsidiary called Dream Train Internet, of which TEPCO owns 96% of the stock according to an Earnst & Young risk analysis report published in 2011. The article further explains that TEPCO invested massively in Internet companies and holds stake in mainstream media, which explains the information black-out. As Fukushima Diary is not hosted in Japan, the risk of it to be shut down like many dissentive blogs here is minimum and SurvivalJapan only provides the link to their “Breaking News: TEPCO watching us in stealth mode“. Fukushima Diary also fears that their website may become under DOS attacks from such obscure Internet subsidiary from TEPCO, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, etc. Information is vital for our survival, it needs to get free.


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