CRMS Civil Radioactivity Monitoring Stations in Greater Tokyo Today

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Citizen Awareness, Radiation Maps, Unreliable Japanese Official Information
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Sept. 9 – Maps of radiation measured by citizens in greater Tokyo area today.

“Land, including grass, plants: ” Kashiwa, Chiba prefecture is a hot spot with 0.3 to 0.6 uSv/h recorded. Saitama prefecture and northern part of Tokyo show “high” readings of 0.25 uSv/h on average.

“Asphalt”: similar readings except for 2.2 uSv/h measured at  リーベスト中山 ゴミ捨て場 前 on August 3, after an initial measure of 0.2 uSv/h on July 22. In this spot situated in Nakayama (near Yokohama hospital), the limit of 1 mSv is reached in about 3 weeks. The site is in front of a dumping ground and its radiation level increased tenfold in ten days. It shows that wide dumpings of radioactive waste exist, although here the origin could be medical. In Tokyo, hot spots of higher than 0.5 uSv/h were detected at both Waseda and Ichikawa and a record 1 uSv/h in Ochanomizu. These hot spots values correspond to reaching 1 mSv in respectively 3 months and 1.5 months of exposure at ground level, outdoors.

For the rest of Tokyo, values seem to be 3 times higher than normal.

CRMS Greater Tokyo Sept. 9, Land & Grass

CRMS Greater Tokyo Sept 9, Asphalt

Data courtesy of みんなでつくる放射線量マップ (“Let’s make a map of radiation together”)

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