SurvivalJapan publishes synthesis of citizen-measured radiation (Cf. CRMS Civil Radioactivity Monitoring Stations in Greater Tokyo Today) which contradicts official reports by the Japanese government. In northern Tokyo for instance, the dose cumulated over the past 6 months reaches over 1 mSv, whereas according to MEXT there is only natural background radiation (Cf. Problematic Japanese Environment Radiation Readings on SurvivalJapan). According to a blogger on Fukushima Diairy, the Japanese government will stop citizens’ measurements, as can be read on this post link. Information war is taking a new turn in Japan. It will become impossible to detect any waste export from the no man’s land to the rest of Japan as first considered by the goverment (Cf. Hosono’s Spread of Radioactivity Decision Promoted by Mainichi Daily News on SurvivalJapan) which is obviously the purpose. Besides, Tokyo has reportedly started to lose some of its population (Cf. Radiation, Power Fears Lead To Population Decrease In Tokyo on SurvivalJapan) and this policy could help reverse the trend in politicians’ mind – although it will most certainly accelerate it in fact.


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