Exporting livestock from the no man’s land is a dangerous, untraced activity which concerns tens of thousands of cows, pigs, chicken, etc. already gone through the distribution channels nationwide. The lack of precautionary principle is a source for further concern with contaminated people and pets circulating freely throughout Japan and spreading their slightly radioactive waste in cumulative amounts in the waste system and in the water resources. Should the crisis had happened in the United States, stringent army-backed containment policies would have been implemented around the no man’s land, i.e. here around eastern Japan, just as can be the case during an epidemic outbreak.

Last night, I suddenly thought: what would happen if say the United Nations decided to place a containment on Japan, including its residents, to make for the utter lack of cautiousness of Japanese government? We expats, who ponder everyday whether to stay or to go, would have then but one choice: become Japanese and accept our fate for us and our children. Interestingly enough, it makes us see the situation through Japanese glasses as most already have nowhere to flee and hide. After a bad night, I discussed this nightmarish thought with an expat friend who told me that it was actually under consideration in “some circles” that nobody may leave Japan from next year on. Such rumors create mass panic which we want to avoid – but I felt like waking from a nightmare into another one. What if indeed? We better watch the move of foreign officials leaving Japan to get some hint.


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