The course of a typhoon is so erratic that nobody can tell for sure where it will pass through. Roke typhoon actually completed a full loop before it decided to head up north and should hit Maebashi near Tokyo tomorrow around 5 pm according to the Japan Meteorological Agency forecast from 1h30 ago. If it stays along this course, it will run through Fukushima around 10 pm, with a 70 percent chance. Since the corium has disappeared underneath the basement and that the nuclear power plant roof has blown up, there are high chances that it will get flooded. TEPCO had the excellent idea of blowing off the natural cliff that used to protect the site from the sea in order to gain better access – and indeed, waves can easily flow in during a typhoon, even without any tsunami. Therefore, tomorrow night, there might be a new hydrogen explosion into the atmosphere, and, if you’re really pessimistic, you could envision a chain reaction for the whole site. We will be grateful if we are still alive and mildly contaminated by Thursday morning.

In the screenshot below, Fukushima is indicated by the red spot.

Fukushima along Roke Typhoon Path, Estimated Contact : Sept. 21, 22:00


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