Typhoon Roke did hit Fukushima as in our forecast (Cf. Typhoons and Fukushima in SurvivalJapan). News all over the world repeated the Japanese official statement that no damage had occurred in the nuclear power plant, although about as much as 40 cm of rain water had flooded in some areas. Cameras which monitored the site encountered a malfunction just when the typhoon hit in so we have no image of any material that might have been expelled in case of a new hydrogen explosion. In some other news, TEPCO suddenly stated that 500,000 liters of “groundwater” leaked in the plant everyday.

Fukushima Diary blog reports that the radioactivity level has significantly risen around Futabamachi to 21 uSv/h, i.e. 1 mSv in 2 days. In their post, they also mention an article by NHK according to which the level of radioactive cesium in the sea nearby had doubled. In Utsunomiya, still according to Fukushima Diary sources, 330 millions Becquerels / square kilometer was measured from cesium 134 although oddly no cesium 137 was detected. Utsunomiya is the main city of Honda Motors where a few expats work. Finally Fukushima Diary reported some suspicious yellow powder in the rain, etc. All details, photos and references available in their post.

What to believe is a personal matter. My gut feeling tells me something did get wrong that night and that both atmospheric fall-out and ocean contamination did increase,  without any actual hydrogen explosion so far. What went wrong in my opinion is the same thing that happened on March 11. The yellow powder that Fukushima Diary blogger associated with cesium is probably made of sulfate particles coming from newly created radioactive sulphur. This article explains the process.

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