Most people now compare data between Chernobyl and Fukushima and try to extrapolate and make predictions and recommendations – but the situation has changed. Consider the facts:

1. Meltdown is on-going at Fukushima

2. Fukushima stores a large amount of nuclear fuel.

3. The meltdown affects some corium lost underground, without protective containment.

4. Corium slowly moves downward.

5. Hydrogen is being produced in large quantities in the meltdown process.

6. Water flows in the underground from rains and cooling efforts.

I am concerned that a supercritical mass might be achieved if some corium is moved around by water for instance. The fission reaction would take place in a cloud of hydrogen, possibly turning into a fusion reaction, i.e. an H-bomb. This is a remote possibility but it is time that we consider past the Chernobyl model. Instead of lifting the evacuation limit around Fukushima, I think that it is time to extend to the whole of Japan instead.

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  1. Marushka France says:

    I agree that ongoing fission and no containment of ‘china syndrome’ means that more people should be evacuated from the surrounding area. The exceedingly high levels of radioactive nuclides in surrounding areas, including iodine 131 – indicating ongoing fission – and the larger and larger contaminated areas that now have been known to extend to Tokyo – from the very beginning – means that the entire northern Japan, from Gifu pref to the north, involving 30 million people — needs to be evacuated. Because 6 months delay has made considerably more people very sick, this needs to be an international evacuation… send destroyers from USA, equipped to take on thousands and make haste out of there! First evacuate all of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, then all other children and women (and their husbands to help support the children when re-located). Anything less is a Crime Against Humanity. Tepco/Government ties and the desire for holding both assets and profits has been more important than the lives of the people and that is wrong on every level. EVACUATE! Begin with


    Part 1 – The whole international press have blackout the worst catastrophe in modern history. So this is a humble reminder of what really is going on in Fukushima and beyond today ! There is a crime against humanity happening right under our nose and all we can hear is a deafening silence. Please spread this video as much as you can… in the name of humanity ! Thanks ! [Nelson Surjon]

    Part2 – coming soon !

    PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND FORWARD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. It will take a second … a second the children of Fukushima do not have


    • I agree with you that a crime against humanity is on-going with the international community looking away from it. “Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t tell.”
      Chernobyl casualties were not assessed properly and remain fuzzy.
      According to Wikipedia, the population of the no man’s land (by SurvivalJapan definition) is as follows for each prefecture, in millions, with an added hypothetical mortality rate over 30 years (HMR30) provided by me :

      Fukushima : 2
      Miyagi : 2.3
      Iwate : 1.3
      Aomori : 1.4
      Akita : 1.1
      Yamagata : 1.2
      Total Tohoku : 9.3
      HMR30 : 25%

      Tochigi : 2
      Ibaraki : 3
      Chiba : 6.2
      Saitama : 7.2
      Gunma : 2
      Kanagawa : 9
      Tokyo : 13.2
      Total Kanto : 42.6
      HMR30 : 10%

      Niigata : 2.4
      Nagano : 2.2
      Yamanashi : 0.9
      Shizuoka : 3.8
      Aichi : 7.4
      Gifu : 2.1
      Toyama : 1.1
      Ishikawa : 1.2
      Fukui : 0.8
      Total Chubu : 21.9
      HMR30 : 10%

      Hokkaido : 5.5
      HMR30 : 10%

      Total no man’s land : 79.3 (almost two-thirds of Japan total population)

      Total population drop in 30 years, if HMR30 applied : about 10 million people.

      According to Wikipedia, projection for demographics is 105 millions in 2040 so it would be 95 millions instead, i.e. Japanese population in 1960. Probably the current politicians do not mind seeing the population go back to the size it was when they were young. Besides they probably think that Japan survived Nagasaki and Hiroshima by doing nothing against radiation and that it will be the same this time again, which is why they are not doing anything.

      Even if the most exposed population was evacuated first (roughly 10 million people), “destroyers” could not take them away. It seems that the proper carrier name is “amphibious warfare ships” as destroyers are lighter ships. However, these days, military transportation uses mostly aircrafts, so the most efficient solution would be ordinary jumbo jets or freight cargo ships. Biggest jumbo jets could allow 1 thousand passengers so 10 thousands of them would be needed… Anyway, you must think of the life of Japanese people completely unadapted to a foreign country (job, language, culture, food, etc.) so the best really for them would be to move to south of Japan with a new capital city in Osaka for instance, and declare the no man’s land for what it is really. It is not too late and Japan still has all the necessary infrastructure to organize a migration (planes, bullet trains, coaches, etc.).

      The back of the envelope calculation above is of course horrible but it applies over 30 years of cancers, leukemias, birth defects, etc. In the context of my “nightmarish thought” of thermonuclear explosion, this number of casualties would be reached instantly and a new long-term projection would be needed – but Japan would probably be out of the G7 countries and mortality would be much higher then.

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