Various blogs reported that French ambassador Philippe Faure left Japan this month. France was among the first country to advise expats to quickly leave Japan in March 2011 when the situation was not really critical in Tokyo, provoking mass hysteria in the French community. As reported in SurvivalJapan, it now is critical in Tokyo and the outlook for the whole of Japan is negative essentially due to dangerous policies. French Embassy website recommendations towards the French community repeats the same message as the Japanese government, i.e. all Japan is safe but Fukushima – meanwhile the ambassador left the country. French Embassy therefore joined German Embassy in its officials fleeing Japan (Cf. Nuclear Crisis Causes Vacant Posts at German Embassy in SurvivalJapan). It is rumored that Yukio Edano, chief Cabinet secretary in the previous administration and responsible for the nuclear crisis mismanagement before becoming the current Minister of Economy, had sent his family to safety in Singapore since March 11, but would sue anyone supporting this rumor. US ambassador John Roos still holds his position in Tokyo so far.

  1. anon says:

    Are you suggesting that France will not be dispatching a replacement ambassador?

  2. Steve says:

    I side with France on this one but it is rather ironic as France supplied MOX fuel to Japan. I guess then that they know the true scale of the danger. Others should take note.

    • France and UK (Sellafield) supply MOX to Japan Rokkasho reprocessing plant in Aomori prefecture. It is ironic and disturbing that a shipment was made from Brittain this month, as reported by Mainichi Shimbun. The government official plan to phase out from nuclear power is not credible when they still accept MOX shipments from abroad and they keep building their Rokkasho reprocessing plant (not to mention that the budget could be used more approprietaly given the poor state of the Japanese financial situation). Besides, France was proposing just 3 weeks ago to import nuclear waste from Fukushima (Cf. Areva and Hachiro Discuss Exporting Nuclear Waste in SurvivalJapan).

  3. nelson311 says:

    ??? … I have read better posts on this blog. This being not one of them !

    1. AREVA’ s little soldier Faure is leaving ! Good ridance! But he is being replaced!
    2. The French embassy never told people to evacuate. I received the letter from them and NEVER they have told their citizens to leave. They “recommended to leave Tokyo and Northern Japan if there one did not have anything to do there. Once for all, they were not the first embassy to suggest such action. The least one can do is go to the French Embassy site and find that letter to translate it in English. So annoying ! I am not taking sides with the French, but we MUST report accurate news is all.
    3. The situation in Tokyo was critical at that times … and remains even more critical now. I commend all the “flyjins” that evacuate their children at the time ! The right thing to do !

    Anyway beside that, keep up the good work

    • Will try to get back up to the higher standards you expect. 😉

      I respect your point of view and even if I don’t subscribe to it, you’re entitled to your opinion so I publish it.

      Of course information accuracy is my constant preoccupation and I humbly think that I did a decent job here. French Embassy and French Internal Affairs Ministry did recommend to return to France and 2 jumbo-jets were made available by the government for that purpose, free of charge. You will find plenty of information on the Internet, for instance (in French, bold fond added by me) in this French mainstream news article titled “Japon : la France a évacué 977 ressortissants ces trois derniers jours “:

      “Le ministère des Affaires étrangères avait recommandé aux ressortissants français résidant dans la région du Kantô (mégalopole de Tokyo) de se déplacer vers le sud du pays ou de rentrer en France, en raison des risques radioactifs liés à l’accident de la centrale de Fukushima.”

      In the article above, 977 French were evacuated to Paris with a stop-over in Seoul. The French community in Tokyo is not so large (about 2500 people) so this represented about 40 percent just over a 3 day period.

      My contacts in the French community were near hysterical during the events due to various messages and actions by the French Embassy, President and mass media. They reported that their families in France urged and often succeeded in getting them to evacuate at once, leaving all their belongings, pets, Japanese in-laws or even, in at least one case, wife and children, etc. behind.

      A PDF document issued (in French) by the French Embassy which you can download by clicking on this link clearly mentions that:
      “Un retour en France est recommandé à tous ceux dont la présence n’est pas indispensable sur leur lieu de résidence et de travail”.
      This document, titled “Messages pour la communauté française au Japon” was provided by the French Radio-protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) on March 15 and is still available on the French Embassy website.

  4. nelson311 says:

    And one more thing …

    The US embassy did not evacuate its citizens for diplomatic reasons! I think everyone should know that by now! Don’t get me wrong, I am PRO American all the way ! But that is the truth !

  5. nelson311 says:

    Thanks for your reply. I love your blog, do not get me wrong! You are doing a great job in posting accurate news! 😉 I guess I am just a tad irritaded when people mention about that “call for evacuation” that stirred panic beyond the French community. I guess it is that way to interpret the French message that came out from the Embassy! The people freaked out and interpreted it differently though. The French response within the Embassy was very calm, but everyone got scared and started to imagine stories ! Again, I am French and I had received that letter from my Embassy. And I am a “proud flyjin” as i took my kids to safety …. but my decision to leave was not based on that letter or medias… it is was based on the constant obvious lies and incompetence of TEPCO and the government to deal with the crisis … and I know a few other French that flew for the same reasons. Now most are back since… but personally, I know of 3 kids from Tokyo that have tested for Cesium in their urine. So I am glad some of the kids (not just French) got out of there on time in March! Go Flyjins !! LOL

    Keep up this great blog ! I am in ! 😉

    the very best! …


    • Thank you for your support. We are still here but I agree with you that it was safer for your kids to fly away. I congratulate you for taking this decision rationally. I thought it strange that people overeacted and freaked out back then, and now undereact and are back – it should have been the other way around in my opinion. However, some say indeed that Tokyo was already dangerous in March.

      You probably know about this little story which I hope you won’t mind, being French 🙂 :

      A frog is put in a pan of boiling water and, surprised, leaps out.
      Later, the frog is put in a pan of cold water, which slowly warms up and the frog stays in until boiled.

      I am really not surprised about these kids testing positive to cesium in their urine and it’s terrible because it means that they probably have strontium fixed to their spine already as well as iodine in their thyroid… Since waste is now officially disposable in Tokyo and other prefectures, it’s a tragedy and children all over Japan will test radio-positive. I hope that as many people as possible finally realize the danger they put their kids and themselves in and leave, at least to south of Japan, and best away “forever” save for short trips (since we live only so long…). Enjoy the good French life, hopefully no nuclear blast (ITER is right upon a sismic fault in Cadarache so you could have your own tiny sun there…) !

  6. nelson311 says:

    Thanks … I am still in Tokyo! Fighting to evacuate the children of Fukushima! Taking them and their families out one by one ! 😉 They just scrapped the evacuation zone though to only 20 km … on the same day, they are finally revealing Plutonium scattered within the prefecture. IDIOTS! This is murder! ANyway, I have a blog as well … you can check!
    Also have a Facebook group, mainly hardcore activists to help in evacuating Fukushima.

    By the way, I have an American friend, “let say in the know” that told me about faxes coming out of the Pentagon to Tokyo, stating that they were seriously about to evacuate all Americans … it also said that that the plume from March 21st to 23rd was worse than the one on the 15th and 16th!

    Best of continuation.

    We will keep on posting your blogs everywhere we can!

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