Update: Radiation Fall-Out Warning On Western Japan and Shikoku On Thursday Lifted

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Citizen Awareness, Meteo Forecast of Radiation, Unreliable Japanese Official Information
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Sept. 29 Update : New forecast shows that the “monitored region” (Cf. Japan Livability Map September 2011 in SurvivalJapan) was lifted today. No fall-out on Western Japan nor Shikoku today.

Meteocentrale website forecast shows that radiation fall-out will reach Japan western region on Thursday. The Kii peninsula and Shikoku island will be under a 500 m altitude radiation stream in from early morning to noon which will move up north in the afternoon and cover the northern part of Kansai and eastern part of Chugoku regions until late night.

Meteocentrale Radiation Dispersion Movie Sept. 29 AM

Renewal of short-lived Iodine-131, new hydrogen production and yellow-dust rain has been interpreted as a renewed criticallity suspicion in Fukushima (Cf. Fukushima in Recriticality and Typhoon Roke Aftermath In Fukushima in SurvivalJapan) – hence fall-out may include more than just the usual Cesium.


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