The Another Troubled Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down post on SurvivalJapan discussed the news of the plan to shut down Mihama Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui, reminded of the context of repeated failures at this old facility and gave some hints of the forecast damage on the Kansai and Chubu regions when it will eventually blow up. Most nuclear plant accidents occur due to human errors during maintenance and once the reactor is shut down, fuel rods stay hot for at least 5 years, under constant water cooling. Therefore, all these offline reactors in Japan remain a hazard and should be retired as many dangerous technological pieces of junk from the eighties have been: even the Space Shuttle – why not these rusty NPP?

NHK World published yesterday the following update:

NHK World – Kansai Electric reactor shut down at Mihama

The operator of the Mihama nuclear power plant in western Japan says it has shut down one of 3 reactors because of an ongoing leak of radioactive water within the reactor.

Kansai Electric Power Company says work began on Wednesday night to manually shut down the number-2 reactor at Mihama in Fukui Prefecture. It was completed as of 4 AM on Thursday.

The utility says radioactive water has been leaking from a valve in the pressure vessel into the collection tank since early November. It says there is a risk that the water will exceed the processing capacity of the tank.

The company says all the leaked water has been collected into the tank within the reactor, and that the leakage has caused no damage to the environment.

The reactor was scheduled to be shut down on December 18th for a regular checkup.

The suspension means that 46 of the country’s 54 reactors, or 85 percent of them, are currently out of operation.

The NHK World article may still be available at this link.


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