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Beer is the favorite alcoholic beverage in Japan and this post offers advice on which brand and how to recognize the production area of your local beer in order to avoid drinking contaminated water (95% of the beverage on average) and rice, which is often included. Of the four major beer brewerers (Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntori), only one is headquartered outside the no man’s land (Suntori, in Osaka). Although Sapporo was historically from Hokkaido, it is not true anymore (and besides, Hokkaido is inside the no man’s land). Premium Yebisu beer belongs to Sapporo.

In you cannot afford imported beers, first advice is to go for Suntori for that reason. Besides, although nobody can prove that it is not just a PR operation, yet Suntori stated that they pay attention to the origin of ingredients and any risk of radiation. This is different from other companies who claim there is no danger, only “fear”. Furthermore, Suntory “The Premium Malt’s”  (cf. picture below taken from web for anonymity purpose), for instance, mentions (in Japanese) that hops is from Europe.