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Now that it clear that eastern and northern Japan, including Hokkaido, should not be trusted for their food, water and any natural or manufactured goods actually, I will not publish any other “proof” on the topic of the national fraud and instead focus on accessing safer food.

If you’re reading SurvivalJapan on a phone, you may bookmark this post and use it to check labels for food origin. Note that it may still be a fraud and in case of processed food (sausage, sake, jam, etc.), it tells you nothing about their ingredients (i.e. pork, rice, water, strawberries, etc.).

First you can check for contaminated prefectures, by looking up the Japanese in the list below:



The SafeFoodMarket website proposes some information about official radiation dose values. Key word here is obviously “official” as this not so trustworthy – but it’s a good place to start.

Here is their description, in their own words, and the optimistic and naive message makes it highly suspicious :

“SafeFoodMarket is an origins comparison site to support your safe and healthy food life in Japan. You can see the radiation dose values in each prefecture reported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan, and the supply bans information. Enjoy fresh and tasty Japanese food free from care of radiation!! ”

There is a rumor that official testing of soil, for instance, consists of taking samples 15 cm (6 inches) underground where the radiation readings are the lowest and not representative of the actual environment. The sampling is also sparse as it is difficult to enforce it everywhere. It is also dubious that every person hence turned into a nuclear technician is sufficiently trained to get meaningful results. Besides a lot of the radio-nucleides cannot be detected outside expensive and advanced laboratories: just pointing a Geiger counter for a few seconds is useless.

It is crucial to read Japanese labels and to be conscious that a sausage supposedly from Osaka for instance tells you nothing about where the pork comes from. Even then, false labelling is rampant – but it’s the best with have. You can get shop staff to kindly read them for you. Some stores have already been caught selling contaminated food (Aeon), some reported in the news that they would increase the percentage of food coming from the no man’s land to support them (7 / 11 convenience stores). Any company headquartered in Tokyo or in the no man’s land is highly suspect (Meiji dairy and chocolate products…).  Buy imported food as much as you can. This is no joke, a little amount of radioactivity ingested is highly dangerous.