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The last nuclear power plant reactor in Kyushu was taken off-line towards the end of December 2011, leaving the Japanese southern island free of nuclear produced-electricity. Off-line reactors are not necessarily safe in case of earthquake, tsunami or human error, all of which are far too common in Japan to allow such utilities to be but ticking bombs.

It is however a first step towards a nuclear-free island, which produces most of the domestic food, including beef (the famous so-called “Kobe beef” is raised in Miyazaki, Kyushu) now that Hokkaido is contaminated. Besides nuclear fallout, the town of Tomakomai in Hokkaido decided to incinerate nuclear waste against the will of citizens, as reported in Tomakomai Minpo on 2011 December 8. The translated and commented article is available on Ex-SKF blog here. Tomakomai is located on the southern shore, about 50 km / 30 miles away from Sapporo, with a mostly residential / industrial plain between these cities (agricultural products come mainly from Tokachi plain on the east coast which has been under nuclear fallout most of spring and summer 2011).

Politicians and executives will likely get away with public opinion manipulation and other scandals in Kyushu as articles below show: a mere salary cut whereas in some more democratic countries, they might have been jailed. Besides, the Nishinippon Shimbun newspaper cancelled the publication of an anti-nuclear book due to pression from the same utility, which shows that public opinion manipulation is deeply rooted in Kyushu Electric Power Co. and Kyushu political institutions. Indeed, Saga Gov. Yasushi Furukawa is assured to get a highly paid sinecure in Kyushu Electric Power Co. after he “retires”.

Kyushu is the last large clean food producer in Japan and it has not accepted any nuclear waste for incineration yet: it may as well become the future of Japan.

Hereafter are reproduced several articles found in Japanese news in December 2011, as original articles might become unavailable soon: (more…)


Beer is the favorite alcoholic beverage in Japan and this post offers advice on which brand and how to recognize the production area of your local beer in order to avoid drinking contaminated water (95% of the beverage on average) and rice, which is often included. Of the four major beer brewerers (Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntori), only one is headquartered outside the no man’s land (Suntori, in Osaka). Although Sapporo was historically from Hokkaido, it is not true anymore (and besides, Hokkaido is inside the no man’s land). Premium Yebisu beer belongs to Sapporo.

In you cannot afford imported beers, first advice is to go for Suntori for that reason. Besides, although nobody can prove that it is not just a PR operation, yet Suntori stated that they pay attention to the origin of ingredients and any risk of radiation. This is different from other companies who claim there is no danger, only “fear”. Furthermore, Suntory “The Premium Malt’s”  (cf. picture below taken from web for anonymity purpose), for instance, mentions (in Japanese) that hops is from Europe.