Japan has a history of pretending to be a democratic country and has regularly disregarded petitions by its citizens even when numbered by the hundreds of thousands. Tokyo governor Ishihara recently announced that the city would go on burning radioactive waste and line the concentrated radioactive ashes in bags on landfills in Tokyo Bay, ready to be swept away by the next typhoon, and he stated that the more than 250,000 signatures presented to have a referendum to decide together about the future of nuclear power amounted to nothing to him. He calls anti-nuclear activists “monkeys”, is famous for his racial slurs in speeches and is a disgrace to the Akutagawa literary prize that was awarded to him years ago. He actually deemed the latest nominees to be “a parade of rubbish” as reported by Mainichi Daily News and we can at least thank him for resigning from the panel of judges. Ishihara also declared in the press that the earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 20,000 of his compatriots was a form of “divine punishment” : “The identity of the Japanese people is selfishness. The Japanese people must take advantage of this tsunami as means of washing away their selfish greed. I really do think this is divine punishment.” Yet he is very popular and that tells us something about the real, “modern” Japan. Ishihara personnally reminds me of Asahara, the founder of the terrorist Aum cult who had recruited among the Japanese elite – maybe he is a member of the cult which survives under the name Aleph? Tokyo is a large shareholder in TEPCO.

Hopefully, Osaka Mayor Hashimoto, also a populist albeit younger, will show more concern for his people and more cleverness when he will receive petitions today. Japan has slipped behind China and in some respect North Korea as well thanks to elders like Ishihara who make sure that retired bureaucrats end up in indecent overpaid sinecures and that the construction sector blanket Japan in concrete: these elder men are directly responsible for the 200% of GDP national debt which went into absurd concrete projects and of the fall of Japan on all fronts: environmental, economic, social, cultural etc. If the younger generation impersonated by Hashimoto just follows in their corrupted schemes, in spite of populist claims for a change, Japan is finished as a developed country. Osaka is a major shareholder in KEPCO and a bankrupt city.

Mainichi Daily News – Civic group files petition with Osaka city over nuclear power

OSAKA (Kyodo) — A civic group seeking a referendum on whether to keep nuclear power plants said Tuesday it has filed a direct petition with the city of Osaka to hold a plebiscite on the issue in the wake of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

The group said it has submitted about 55,000 valid signatures, well over the legally required minimum figure of 42,673, one-fiftieth of the eligible voters in the city, to ask the government to hold a referendum on power plants run by Kansai Electric Power Co.

Hajime Imai, the secretary general of the group, Let’s Decide/Citizen-initiated National Referendum on Nuclear Power, said, “As a citizen of the city of Osaka, which is the largest shareholder in Kansai Electric, we have a responsibility and right to engage in the future of nuclear plants.”

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto will summon the city assembly within 20 days and submit a draft ordinance with feedback on whether to support the proposal.

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto (Mainichi)

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto (Mainichi)

A majority vote by the assembly is required to hold a referendum but Hashimoto’s regional political party, the Osaka Restoration Association, is taking a cautious stance as the mayor is reluctant to hold one, citing the huge costs involved.

Under the proposed ordinance, all Osaka city residents aged 16 or over, including permanent foreign residents, would be asked to vote on whether to allow the nuclear plants to keep operating.

The ordinance will also oblige the mayor and city assembly to ask the power company and the central government to act in accordance with the result of the referendum.

The group began gathering signatures on Dec. 10 in Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo, the group has collected some 250,000 signatures, far more than the legal requirement to call on the Tokyo metropolitan government to hold a referendum, it said.

(Mainichi Japan) February 14, 2012


(2012 February 23 Update) It sent an ugly chill down my spine when I read that  Wikipedia article on Ishihara mentions :

According to noted politician Kōichi Hamada, Ishihara gave financial and political support to Aum Shinrikyo, a religious cult that was involved in several murders and assassination attempts during the early 1990s. Immediately after the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, Ishihara dropped out of national politics, suddenly ending a 25-year career in the Diet. In 1999, he ran on an independent platform and was elected governor of Tokyo.

Source: 浜田幸一. 「ハマコーの非常事態宣言」 (1995.7) ISBN 4391117622

  1. Karly says:

    Nice follow-up to your post. Let’s take action!
    Please take a minute to sign the petition to push the government in Tokyo and Osaka to stand by the law and allow citizens to vote on whether or not they want to spend their tax dollars on nuclear power or not. Activist groups have collected the necessary amount of signatures needed to have a vote (according to the law), but the government is dismissing their efforts. We can make it happen!!! ♥
    Japanese: http://www.avaaz.org/jp/we_are_not_monkeys/?link1 English:http://www.avaaz.org/en/we_are_not_monkeys/?cl=1589463610&v=12634

  2. Nagoya Yamaguchi says:

    I heard Hashimoto was keen to burn radioactive waste from Tohoku and dump the waste in the ground, after polluting the air.

  3. Jubary Musa says:

    If Fukushima is in Japan and the peopels living there is Japanese…what is the problem to share the radiocative waste all over Japan !!! You the Japanese feel each other just by mouth…but not by heart. Try to feel the pain of Fukushima peoples and think twice how to help them…not only by words. Yiu can talk about sfatey…but can’t say No to radiocative waste….You the JPS are so selfish and narrow minded….shame on you.

    • Dear M. Musa Jubary,

      Thank you for your insightful comment about Japanese people delivered in a stylish and originally spelled English which undoubtedly match your heartfelt plea.

      So just to understand well, let me recap: you are a Bangladeshi whose company recycles trash in Osaka, you criticize Japanese people but you support Hashimoto, the dangerous Osaka mayor, and you encourage him to “Kick out all old Korean & Chino cracks from Osaka and make it a ckean city.” (sic)

      I could explain to you that this radioactive waste is like cancer, and that it should not let be spread over Japan or else the whole country dies. Yet in your fine work of line with waste export, I suppose that spreading cancer back to your country is really what you are all about.

      Thank you for letting us know of rubbish heads like you, I mean heads of rubbish companies – it helps to understand who are the 4000 people who “liked” Hashimoto political group Facebook page below, the enemies of humanity who are at the same time stupid, greedy, evil, bad spellers and not even Japanese.

      Please do Osaka and Japan a favor: climb in your next scrap ship and never return.

      As for our readers who don’t mind wrestling with pigs (we know pigs enjoy it), here are the details of M. Jubary Musa below.

      Please feel free to call him, his company, repeat and forward this information on the web, friend him on Facebook and trash him and his friends, send him your trash so that he can revel in it. If you happen to know someone at the immigration office or an illegal work inspector, it would be nice to get them to know M. Jubary Musa and his Tashiro Enterprises company. Actually he seems to “manage” many dubious companies, another one would be MN Trading (see details below)…

      Ōsaka Ishin no Kai (Osaka Renewal Assembly), Hashimoto’s Party page on Facebook with M. Jubary Musa‘s comment:

      大阪維新の会 · 4,000 like this
      January 14 at 4:32pm via Twitter

      大阪府庁本館、市の近代美術館への転用検討 : 政治 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) http://t.co/t0pRNQ2t
      Musa Jubary said: “Gambatte Hashimoto san. Try to change Japan. Kick out all old Korean & Chino cracks from Osaka and make it a ckean city.”
      January 14 at 4:43pm

      Musa Jubary on Facebook:

      Tashiro Enterprises Ltd

      Contact Name : Mr. Musa Jubary
      Address : 21-17 Kamishijo Cho, Higashiosaka-City
      City : Osaka State : Osaka
      Zipcode : 5798052.
      Country : Japan
      Phone : +81-72-9886362.
      Fax : +81-72-9886321
      Mobile : +81-80-31396866

      We are a trading company for HMS scrap in Japan. We are exporting HMS scrap to many Asian countries.

      Now we are looking for reliable and stable supplier for HMS scrap. We want to buy 1000MT to 2000MT at every month. We can increase the quantity day by day, but it depends on your support and services.

      MN Trading Co., Ltd

      We are a distributor/trader for All Japan made dyed fabric for stock lot/excess inventory items. We can supply in regular base. We can move Mixed Cotton Knitt, Twill, Polyester, Shirting, Oven etc. All are new and clean with roll or export standrad packing.

      Port of delivery : Osaka, Japan
      Delivery trem : FOB, Osaka, Japan
      Quantity : 4 x 40′ container at every month.
      Inspection : Can inspect at our warehouse in Osaka at anytime.
      We are dealing with all high quality Fabric and only Made in Japan.

      Contact Person : Mr. Musa Jubary (Manager)
      Company :
      MN Trading Co., Ltd
      5-4-43 Higashi Ishikiri-Cho, Higashiosaka-City, Japan, Japan
      Zip/Postal : 579-8011
      Telephone : 81-72-9879163
      Fax : 81-72-9879164
      Mobile : 81-8031396866

      • Jubary Musa says:

        This is the reason we hate this kind of so-called Civic group. You never mind to disclose anyone private address and phone number. I am talking to my lawyer to sue you to disclose my address and phone number on net without my permission.

      • Sure go ahead and hate plenty. All information was public on net, published by you (notice the bad spelling in it? Sure telling sign.).
        Oh. Since you moved to Kowloon, Hong-Kong, I wonder who’s picking up the trash at your house in Osaka? Anyway stay where you are by all means. 😉

      • Jubary Musa says:

        show your face …and number you bitch

      • OK then, but be nice right (it might be my wife answering)? 06‐6941‐0771

  4. Jubary Musa says:

    I am just waiting to tace you out…..wanns ee u r face and send back to Korea or China..where u r mothers born…

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