CRMS Civil Radioactivity Monitoring Stations in Kansai Area Today

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Citizen Awareness, Radiation Maps, Unreliable Japanese Official Information
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Sept. 12 – Maps of radiation measured by citizens in Kansai area today.

“Asphalt”: This is the level where the most radiation is measured.

Levels are globally low everywhere however the number of measures is not enough to provide a meaningful statistical data. Situation seems safer than in Tokyo without any hotspots detected by citizens. If the Japanese government had done its job containing contaminated food to the no man’s land, the area would be reasonably safe. However, the annual limit of 1 mSv corresponds to a little more than 0.10 uSv/h during a year – which will be reached within 6 more months with the current status. In France, for instance, this annual limit is 20 times higher for nuclear power plant male workers who seem to have a similar longevity as the rest of the population. Nevertheless, if you choose to strictly stay in the public maximum tolerance, moving to places with 0.05 uSv/h or less should be considered within 6 to 12 months.

Fukui / “Nuclear Ginza” : no data available for the string of nuclear power plants (blue squares at the top)…

Kyoto : levels are about 2 to 3 times above natural background radiation in many places (0.10 to 0.15 uSv/h), such as Teramachi and northern Kyoto city. Same for Kameoka.

Osaka : only one reading, absolutely normal in value, but the sampling is just not representative.

Himeji – Kobe : again a single reading, 2 times above normal (Kakogawa, 0.12 uSv/h).

Nara : just one reading, perfectly normal in value, but hard to rely upon due to its uniqueness. Kashihara in Nara prefecture scores in the upper range for the region (0.14 uSv/h).

Mie : a single, ordinary reading in Kameyama.

CRMS Western Japan Sept. 12, Asphalt Level

Data courtesy of みんなでつくる放射線量マップ (“Let’s make a map of radiation together”)


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