Shiga prefecture carried out a simulation of a nuclear disaster occuring at the Mihama nuclear plant in the north of Biwako lake (the drinking water reservoir for many cities in Kansai area). The results are that Otsu city, at the south of the lake, would receive between 100 to 500 mSv within 24h. In that case, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya and Toyota cities would be part of the disaster. Besides, the heavy concentration of nuclear power plants on the coast, known as the “Nuclear Ginza”, implies that a chain reaction of one plant triggering the others is not impossible. As Kenzaburo Oe wrote, “Teach us to outgrow our madness” (われらの狂気を生き延びる道を教えよ).

Shiga prefecture simulation results were presented on NHK local news about Otsu at the following link from which they have been immediately removed (censorship? which censorship?) :

If you look up “otsu” with NHK search engine, results that come up are innocent and carefree such as : “morning glories”, “Okinawan bitter melon”, “World Cultural Heritage” and so on as can be seen on the screenshot below.

NHK Search

On the following map, Mihama nuclear power plant and Otsu City are visible at each end of the Biwako Lake. Cities of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya and Toyota are within disaster range.

Mihama Nuclear Plant and Otsu City at each end of Biwako Lake


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